Is a peaceful world possible?

Is a peaceful world possible?

In today's modern era, it is common to hear about cases of conflicts and deaths in the news and on the radio. In fact, it is estimated that around 6,316 people die every hour in the world. Many international organizations and associations carry out several initiatives to maintain global harmony.

On the other hand, religious groups and spiritual leaders endeavor to impart the values of serene living among people. Yet, their efforts seem to come to no avail if we consider the number of casualties from conflicts in the world.

The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat who advocates for universal harmony said that wherever people live, they are in need for serenity. In most cases, people are responsible for sparking violence among each other; yet, they are in desperate need for peacetime. Is a peaceful world possible? How to make it happen?

World peace through a universal law

In front of serious cases of violence in many regions in the world, it is certain that the world is in a great need for harmony. The first fundamental reason is that peace promotes human rights. When human rights are violated, people tend to show their dissatisfaction through protests and violence.

That is why the idea to set up a universal law which could be implemented to rule over all nations on earth has started. The objective is to join the strong point of independent countries and make sure that global peace be established.

World peace through each individual's contribution

The mass media is usually filled with news about wars and conflicts; thus, the world seems to get used to living in violence and under terror. But what can each individual do to promote peace in the world? It is possible to start from something simple. For example,

Prem Rawat spreads the words of peace through his website and through the TPRF Foundation. People can be taught to nurture the culture of peace through what they read and watch every day. Booklets relating the beauty of a peaceful world and programs broadcasting the benefits of living in serenity should be broadcast on TV and on the radio to make people long for peace.

Promote peace education in every individual

It is essential to teach people to enjoy living in harmony with each other. This could be done by teaching them to be kind to their neighbors and family members. The words we say to our surroundings can have a great impact on our relationship with them.

It is essential to teach people to use respectful tones and sweet words when they address each other. It is crucial that we avoid using wicked, aggressive tongues in order to preserve harmony.

Reinforce the civic education

At school, civic education should focus on respect and love for the others. It is equally necessary to teach people to discover their inner peace, because the peace ambassador taught that this will eventually lead to world peace. Children, teens and adults should be encouraged to participate in poster or song contests about peacekeeping.

Some religions promote their attendants to avoid retaliating or resorting to violence even though their enemy has hurt them so much.

Nurture the culture of peace

In addition, students can be also encouraged to take part in plays about peace at school or among their religious community. Community members are also encouraged to take part in peaceful "peace festivals" or to create plays to nurture the culture of peace.

The use violence is cultural in countries and ethnic groups because the use of force is among the rites of passage in life. As a result, it is difficult for them to crack down on violence. However, it can be said that everyone is responsible to promote peace in their society and in their community in order to build a peaceful world.

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