What are the contemporary wars?

Contemporary wars describe modern wars which have broken out since the end of the Cold War. The conflicts may be between ethnic groups or states or countries for a specific reason. There are several possible reasons for the tensions including the fight for control over natural resources and territories. Contemporary warriors use more sophisticated weapons to attack their opponents.

In fact, the combatants are ready to annihilate their adversaries with the most refined arms, like a machine gun, tank, dreadnought, aircraft, and chemical products. The presence of conflicts in many regions in the world might have urged the ambassador of peace

Prem Rawat to set up the TPRF Foundation to maintain peace in the world. In fact, he engages in peace education and shares messages of peace to achieve this purpose. Even so, some countries and states in the universe are still at wars. Read the following and find out some of the most dangerous types of contemporary wars. You can visit the website of prem rawat here : https://www.wopg.org/prem-rawat/ 

Aerial warfare

Aerial warfare consists of using aircraft and other airborne equipment to attack the enemy. This includes the use of paratroopers, helicopters and even bombers. The objective is to overpower the opposing country without having to move and fight on the spot.

For example, bombers are used in order to target and conquer the enemy's territory; attack aircraft is used to ensure close air support against the target enemy which are on ground.

Biological conflict

Biological warfare consists of the use of germs or bacteria to attack and conquer the opponents. The goal is to debilitate and even to kill the enemy with toxins or viruses which are to be spread in nature through products or food items that people in the target country use on a daily basis.

It might result in inconsiderable human losses and damages in agriculture and materials. It will cause irreversible consequences on humanity and on life on earth.

Chemical warfare

Chemical warfare consists of using toxic components of chemical substances to harm and eventually disable the target enemy. This might be carried out by increasing the amount of hazardous components of chemical products in food conservatives, in sanitation utilities, or in sea water and in fresh water. This will lead to massive killings of aquatic life and death of those who consume the sea fruit or the food from lakes and rivers.

Electronic attack

Electronic warfare is the use of technology to attack the combatant enemy. Without violence, the attackers decipher the opponents' computers, phones to steal data and take control over them. This consists of decoding the radio communications of the opponent country and use the stolen information to plot against them.

Each individual needs to work for peace

In brief, it can be said that despite the efforts of peace advocates and organizations to keep global peace, conflicts always arise in some parts of the world. The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat said that insecurity is the leading problem of the world nowadays. Therefore, it is essential that each individual be involved in the struggle for peace to build a harmony world.

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